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We are the catalyst for reaching your
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We work hard so you can do more, save more, and earn more. DrCatalyst partners with your practice to provide you with cost-effective, patient-friendly, and accessible staffing solutions that are designed to automate your workflow and improve your health care delivery.

About Us

DrCatalyst is a multinational, multicultural company that provides remote staffing services to medical practices and pharmacies. On your behalf, we can do insurance collections, referral and authorization tracking, scheduling, and many more.

We handle front-office and back-office operations so that you can focus on patient care and prescription dispensation.

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Your partner for better chronic care management

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Your Proactive Partner in Care

At DrCatalyst, we act as an extension of your team. Our CCM program fills the gap between office visits with one-on-one, personalized intereactions.


  • Improve Patient Care & Outcomes
  • Increase Your Practice Revenue
  • Boost Your MIPS/MACRA Scorecard

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% operational cost savings

Our Services

Clinical and Administrative

We provide our clients with high quality outsourcing services that include paper document conversion, referral tracking, authorization tracking, scheduling, patient data management, transcription, and many more.

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Whether you want to handpick individual services that you need or you want to get our full suite of billing services, we'll make sure that you'll get the smoothest, most tailored-fit remote staffing experience.

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We provide a set of cost-effective services that are designed to automate and streamline the workflow of payer organizations and improve the processing of health benefits and managed care programs.

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Chronic Care Management

Improve health outcomes and revenue-generating opportunities for your practice. With Chronic Care Management services by DrCatalyst, you can count on us to deliver optimal between-visit care for your patients.

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Our skilled team of remote employees can also assist you in your marketing efforts by providing your practice with training materials, documentation, and marketing services such as brochure design and website building.

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Our services for prescription dispensation include TAR management, prescription data entry, medication profile management, records management, healthcare coordination, cycle billing and refills, and more.

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