IPM Medical Group, Inc. is a large, California-based, multi-specialty medical practice. IPM helps patients return to normal daily activities through advanced, cutting-edge services ranging from interventional pain management and psychological support to physical therapy and functional restoration. With additional services such as disability management and medical-legal evaluations, IPM is also proud to have become the standard of quality care for both injured workers and community patients.

Building success in the field of pain management

  • Excel with superior, unequaled services
    Operating with over 40 remote employees from DrCatalyst, IPM overcomes challenges on day-to-day processes such as fax and document management, patient scheduling, authorizations, and new patient registration.
  • Put patients at the front and center
    With unparalleled training and support, DrCatalyst handles front and back office tasks remotely so that IPM’s providers can maximize their time on actual health care.
  • Better care with better staffing solutions
    Tailored-fit to the way they operate, IPM relies on these services from DrCatalyst: Remote Phone Assistance and Fax and Document Management.
  • Work with professional, thoughtful remote employees
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Hollister Pediatrics is a medical practice based in California that specializes in pediatrics. They have been serving the Hollister community for over 15 years now. Through close collaboration with their staff and patients, they aim to make sure that each patient receives individual and personal attention. Hollister Pediatrics is committed to giving the best and most comprehensive pediatric care possible for their patients.

How DrCatalyst Helped Hollister Pediatrics

  • Maximize practice income and improve revenue cycle
    Hollister enlisted the help of DrCatalyst to aid their revenue cycle management and solve issues regarding claims and accounts receivable. We provided them with remote staff to help them deal with payment posting, A/R follow ups, and level-2 rejections.
  • Significantly reduce the number of pending claims
    Before working with DrCatalyst, Hollister Pediatrics had 350 claims rejections to deal with. Some of these claims had already been in the EEM for 180 days. After one month of working with our remote biller, Hollister Pediatrics was able to reduce the number of pending claims by 98%.
  • Reduce outstanding balances through error-free claims processing
    Our medical biller meticulously corrected any errors on outstanding balances due to level 2 rejections. Rejected claims with the correct data were re-submitted. Hollister Pediatrics was able to reduce their outstanding balances by 33% after just ONE day with DrCatalyst.
  • Manage accounts receivable and collect the necessary payments
    Our remote staff worked on the claims that were over 30 days old to reduce the amount of A/R. Our medical biller reviewed the rejected claims and fixed the eligibility issues so that the payments could be collected. By the end of 2 weeks, the amount of accounts receivable from the largest insurance payer was reduced by 22%.
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