For $200/month, Lunch with DrCatalyst includes:

2 lunches each month that cover practice management analysis and training sessions specific to your practice.

Personalized training courses based on your specific problem areas. We'll prepare a customized agenda for you.

Private, one-on-one sessions with experts on billing, attestation, EHR, management, and more!

Preliminary consultation to identify any areas for improvement and provide detailed reports for benchmarking.

Key Topic Areas

Visit Counts

We determine the volume of patients and compare them with your AR. By checking the ratio of scheduled patients to visit notes, we calculate how much revenue you earn or lose from successful visits vs. no-shows, and then we discuss what you can do to optimize your appointment confirmation features.

New Patient Counts

We determine the number of new patients for a certain month. We compare the number of new patients with the referral sources, missing eligibility status, and verified eligibility.

Accounts Receivable

We generate reports based on the allowed amount, we find out which clients have no fee schedule setup, and we discuss the AR dashboard in IMS and the accounting day-close report.


How many days does it take for payments to arrive? We’ll calculate the average turnaround time for collections and provide the necessary revenue reports.

Which plans are paying better

We generate reports for all the CPTS billed by your practice and the amounts paid by different insurance companies. We also sort receipt reports by insurance and CPT, calculate the charged to billed ratio, and generate practice summaries.

Value Added Services

We discuss your usage of 3rd party IMS services and suggest the ones that may further improve your operations. For patient engagement, we’ll help you design a quarterly email newsletter and a website for your practice.


Know the top and bottom 5 providers who provide referrals to you, and also those to whom you provide referrals.

For $200/month, we bring experts—project managers, business strategists and analysts—to your aid, helping you improve business outcomes through skillful planning, strategy, and problem-solving.


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