Take your billing operations forward with DrCatalyst! Whether you want to handpick individual services that you need or you want to get our full suite of billing services, we'll make sure that you'll get the smoothest, most tailored-fit remote staffing experience. With no extra cost, we'll upgrade your billing processes without interrupting your standard workflow, helping you achieve billing efficiency and maximum return on investment.

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Attain seamless patient visits, avoid claim denials, maximize collections, and increase patient satisfaction with DrCatalyst’s real-time insurance eligibility and benefits checking.

We'll check patient insurance eligibility for you.

  • No more back-and-forth communications with insurance companies.

    Our remote staff take care of eligibility checking tasks so you can devote your time into providing more convenient, meaningful and profitable care. Plus, our staff can provide you with comprehensive and customizable revenue reports to help you see your cash flow.

  • Get paid without the hassle.

    Minimize insurance eligibility issues with the help of a dedicated remote team that invests effort in getting you the payments you deserve. To prevent overlooking payments, our staff set reminders—at certain points during the patient’s visit—that state the payments needed before proceeding.

  • Spend more time on actual patient care, not on paperwork.

    Focus on your patient with a professional remote team that checks your patient’s insurance status by using payer portals or calling insurance companies. They can also review insurance cards to accurately update the insurance details of your patients.

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No provider should have to spend countless working hours reviewing charges and codes. With a dedicated remote team, you can rest assured that bills accurately reflect the care given to your patients.

Provide quality patient care without the hassle of reviewing superbills.

  • Get freed from the tedious EHR and billing documentation process.

    With knowledge on ICD-10, CPT-4 and HCPCS coding, our highly-trained remote staff can do the medical codes data entry for you. On your behalf, our remote staff access your EHR, and then carefully record the necessary charges, CPTs, ICDs, and other details based on the applicable visit note.

  • Minimize claim denials and get paid on time.

    Since our remote staff does the nitty gritty work of reimbursements, you can be rest assured that the any billing-related task is be done in an accurate, ethical and compliant manner. To minimize claim denials, we review the details recorded on the superbill for each visit and correct any errors regarding charges, CPT and ICD codes, and modifiers; we check the billed ICDs and assign codes with the right degree of specificity; and we enter any missing information.

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DrCatalyst helps secure your reimbursements by posting the charges for the service you gave. Our goal is simple: we help you get paid for what you’re good at doing.

Get rid of unpaid bills, get paid for your skills.

  • With proper coding comes timely payments.

    Get paid for your service on time through error-free payment documentation. Our certified billers post charges that adhere to the proper coding and the appropriate fee schedule. They review and make sure that bills are complete and accurate to the rules specific to carriers and locations.

  • Keep updated and error-free billing out charges.

    Missing or lacking charges in the bill outs can negatively affect not just your income, but also your workflow and efficiency. To avoid this, our remote staff dedicate their time in generating daily billing out reports, helping you ensure that bills are created for all billable patient appointments.

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With our fast and responsive remote staff, you can achieve a paperless claims process and you will never have to spend a huge amount of time on processing claims requirements.

Tired of managing bulk claims? Let our team do it for you.

  • With our 99% clearing house pass-through comes faster reimbursements.

    Our highly trained remote staff generate EMC claims on your behalf, and then they send them to the applicable payer through your integrated clearinghouse of choice. This way, you eliminate the cost of paper claims and your on-site staff can be freed from the cumbersome task of processing claims—so they can focus on your patients instead.

  • Improve your revenue cycle with comprehensive claims processing.

    Through your EHR, our staff organize and review every claim to identify errors before sending them. If the claims are denied, they will be corrected by our team and re-submitted within 24 hours. As per payer standards, our staff will file all claims either via paper or via electronic means.

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Are you tired of chasing the payments due for you? The good news is there’s an efficient way to process your fees without doing it yourself.

Get paid more with less effort!

  • Streamlined your billing process to enhance your financial performance.

    With impeccable attention to detail, our staff post the complete and exact payment information in your EHR. They also check claim aging, record the necessary refunds or process write-offs, and notify you about factors that have caused denials.

    Our team records all the payments, deductibles, and reimbursements that your clinic receives. We can also manage your Managed Care remuneration and other capitation payments – for maximum reimbursement on your end.

  • Achieve a seamless cash flow.

    We retrieve EOBs and ERAs directly from patient portals, apply the correct payment codes, thoroughly review them, and then post them to the applicable account through your EHR. Within just 24 hours, the insurance payments are already posted to patient accounts.

    For payers who do not have electronic remittance, our team manually posts the payments to the patient’s account matching the allowed amount for each charge.

  • Maintain accurate revenues through error-free payment documentation.

    To double-check if all payments received are posted, we compare bank deposits with the total payment posted in the PMS. If the patient has co-insurance, the remaining unpaid charges will be filed to the secondary insurance as per the coordination of benefits.

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We automate and manage your entire collections process to give you fast, efficient, and automated payments. With DrCatalyst, you can enjoy a better way of getting paid faster, improving your business performance and increasing customer satisfaction.

Collect more money on time, and with less effort!

  • Boost your cash cycle with our efficient payment procurement.

    To ensure that payments are collected, our remote staff regularly check patient balances and send patient statements. Our team gets in touch with the payer, tracks the status of the claims, and makes sure that the ERAs and EOBs are sent so that you’ll get paid on time.

    Our remote staff handle insurance records as well. They can verify the patient's insurance coverage, and correct every rejected claim to have it approved for resubmission. We retrieve the necessary funds, focusing on your AR that are 60 days old. Our team also bills or rebills claims, writes off balances, and tracks the collection status of all your receivables.

  • Reduce your operational cost through remote billing.

    Each billing-related process is assigned to a dedicated remote employee, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. You don’t need to change your current staff, process, or technology and instead, you can have the leeway to focus on other activities that generate more income.

    There’s also no need to train your remote workforce – we’ve got that part covered. They’re ready to work on day one!

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We’ll generate revenue reports for your practice to help you have a better understanding of your financial performance, and make data-driven decisions that empower your practice to earn more.

Gain full visibility of your cash flow!

  • Get detailed and customized revenue reports.

    Our staff generate revenue reports on your behalf and export them in PDF, CSV, Excel, or text format—whatever you require. We can also breakdown the reports according to office, provider, procedure, CPT, DX, and many more.

    Depending on your needs, you have the option to request reports to be available on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis.

  • Eliminate errors with intensive quality checks.

    We review report information by matching detailed reports with summary reports to prevent errors and maintain data integrity. Our remote team intensively reviews billing information so that the details of the patient statement remain accurate and error-free.

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Achieve quick and efficient patient billing with a remote team that generates electronic patient statements for you. All your staff needs to do is mail them to your patients!

We make it easier for your patients to get their statements and pay you for your services.

  • Quick and convenient patient billing

    Printing patient statements is just too time-consuming and resource-intensive, but it gets you paid significantly. Our goal at DrCatalyst is to eliminate the hassle on your end, and simply get you paid.

    Our Patient Statements service offers you a remote team that prepares and generates patient statements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis—depending on your preferences.

    We can do it in three ways:

    • Our team of billing experts process the patient statements for your clinic. Then, they send the PDFs to your office so all your staff has to do is print and mail them.
    • Through an integrated statement mailing partner called BillFlash, we can generate and release electronic patient statements for you at no extra cost.
    • If you’re using a patient portal, we can upload the patient statements there so your patients can directly download their statements upon release.
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