Achieve a completely paperless and worry-free workflow! We provide best-in-class outsourcing services that streamline and automate your clinical and administrative processes, giving you more time for what matters most—your patients.

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We expedite the processing of your documents by tracking and organizing your clinic's faxes. From faxing referrals and authorizations to sending laboratory orders – we’ve got you covered!

Leave the paperwork to us!

  • Become completely paperless in months.

    We digitize and categorize your scanned documents and immediately attach them to their respective patient charts.

  • Rely on faster turnaround time.

    Upon receiving a faxed document, we immediately enter the updated details in your EHR and assign it to the appropriate person in charge, so that you can have the patient’s records ready when you need it.

  • Maintain a high level of integrity, security, and accuracy.

    To keep every detail accurate, the documents we process undergo thorough quality checks. We regularly check fax numbers and see if the faxes are sent to the appropriate recipients. You can also be rest assured that our services are HIPAA compliant—our staff regularly undergo intensive HIPAA training courses.
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Utilize a remote team that processes and tracks your clinic's referrals and organizes your workflow.

Say goodbye to those lengthy phone calls and repetitious emails!

  • Process referrals faster and increase patient satisfaction

    To help accelerate your referral process, we can take care of receiving and sending referrals, registering new patients, collecting medical history, acquiring documents, and scheduling appointments.

  • Track authorizations and minimize errors

    We make follow ups to update the statuses of referrals and track their progress so you’ll know when and where to proceed. Before faxing any outgoing referral, we also make sure that the doctor’s orders are authorized by the insurance company.

  • Minimize phone calls and emails

    Our team that’s well-trained in front office support can take care of corresponding with referring specialties to provide the full details of the patient’s case, thus helping you to quickly gain a better understanding of the patient’s needs and provide care on time.

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We acquire authorization from insurance companies so that you can provide care to your patients on time. Whether you need to request for verbal authorization or fill out the insurance portal, our remote staff can take care of any process on your behalf.

Don't let delayed authorizations delay patient care.

  • Eliminate long wait times and automate your referral process.

    Before the patient’s appointment, we can fill out treatment request forms, send authorization requests, and reach out to insurance companies to obtain the authorization ahead of schedule, giving ample time for review.

  • Expedite authorizations and treat your patients sooner.

    We observe a fast turnaround time while doing everything from routine follow ups, authorization status updates, to authorization tracker management. We regularly communicate with insurance companies to expedite the authorization process and ensure that the authorization is recorded in the patient's chart before the appointment.

  • Keep updated insurance details.

    Before we request for an authorization, we reach out to the insurance company to check if the request needs prior authorization. We check the authorization details daily to ensure that the necessary documents are flawlessly prepared for the set appointment date.

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Attending to patient concerns over the phone doesn't have to be an extra weight on your shoulders. With expertise in administrative support, our remote staff can take care of that!

We’ve got your back.

  • Establish ever-ready phone assistance and expedite tasks.

    Our team assumes the role of a front desk assistant to deal with your incoming and outgoing phone calls. We make sure that calls are forwarded to the appropriate member who can handle the necessary tasks.

  • Reduce payroll expenses.

    With a remote team that can handle more calls and tasks, you no longer have to hire additional on-site staff. You can increase the work done in your office while spending less on payroll.

  • Give timely patient support.

    Our staff see to it that your patients’ concerns are addressed in a timely manner. To boost your efficiency, they also pass on the messages of your patients to their respective providers.

  • Focus on patient face time.

    We'll take care of calling patients to update them about the status of their concerns while you maximize your time for your immediate patient, at your own pace.

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DrCatalyst helps you take good care of your patients by automating your patient registration process, allowing you to provide a pleasant healthcare experience to new patients and attract more prospective ones.

Run a more patient-centric practice!

  • Have a smoother check-in process.

    Let your front desk staff accommodate your patients while we take care of the burdens that slow down your workflow. When a request for an initial appointment is forwarded through fax, phone call, or voicemail, our remote New Patient Coordinator receives and processes the patient data right away.

  • Spend less time on documenting patient information.

    Highly trained in EHR use and the US healthcare system, our New Patient Coordinator can handle patient registration for you, including tasks such as data entry, account management, and patient interviews for medical history.

  • Get timely authorizations with fewer phone calls.

    To acquire the authorization for the patient’s consultation, our staff can send requests to insurance companies and make follow-ups to acquire and verify the patient’s insurance details ahead of time.

  • Minimize no-shows and appointment errors.

    Our staff can schedule appointments using your EHR with the highest level of care and precision. They can also send appointment reminders to your patients, allowing your office staff to focus on more important, urgent tasks.

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Let DrCatalyst’s reliable transcription service eliminate the time pressure you get from simultaneously documenting visits and treating the patient. You can just dictate your notes to a recorder, and then we take it from there.

No more tedious note-taking, no more distractions.

  • Get customized and error-free transcriptions.

    Our transcriptionists provide personalized transcriptions that fit your EHR and visit note preferences. We keep your transcriptions safe on our secure cloud system while we intensively review and proofread the uploaded information to maintain document integrity.

  • Receive transcriptions on time.

    To prepare and update the patient charts, we enter the transcriptions in your EHR and make the detailed record of the patient's treatment ready for viewing. Our remote staff make sure that the documents are available within the required turnaround time.

  • Enjoy a 24-hour, paperless service.

    Maintain a high level of productivity with our service and support that can be available 24/7 (depending on your requirements). With a round-the-clock service and an entirely digital workflow, you can enjoy decreased operational costs without affecting your target productivity.

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Go smoothly through your work day with DrCatalyst. We organize your daily tasks, set reminders, and guide you through your treatment of various patients.

Can’t stand the hustle and bustle of administrative tasks?

  • Spend time on patient care, not on task management.

    With DrCatalyst, you’ll never have to manage your to-do lists and documents on your own because our staff are committed to get it done for you. We’ll take care of the rest, so all you need to do is focus on your patient face time.

  • Get prompt, personal assistance and complete urgent administrative tasks.

    We assign the patients’ documents and forms to the applicable task—with the necessary messages, reminders, and notes—and then forward them to you.

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Guided by your clinic’s standard operating procedures, our remote staff organize and summarize your patients’ existing reports and make them easier to review.

We make it a lot simpler for you to see your records.

  • Get brief yet comprehensive summaries of patient records.

    The good thing is that you don't have to be the one to do it. Our remote staff can summarize reports and update the information in your patients’ visit notes so that you can easily review the necessary records – all based on your preferences.

  • Rely on thorough and secure quality assurance.

    The summaries made by our staff undergo intensive quality control to ensure that every patient detail is encoded accurately. Our employees are well-trained in HIPAA compliance, so you can be sure that your data will remain confidential and secure.

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We document your MIPS compliance on your behalf so you won’t have to juggle this task with your patient face time. With comprehensive and error-free data entry, we help you maximize your incentives and avoid penalties.

Achieve consistent and advanced compliance!

  • Reliable and comprehensive MIPS & MACRA data entry.

    Regardless of your specialty, our trusted staff record the applicable measures on your behalf. To make sure you meet MIPS performance categories, our staff can:

    • Document all the necessary codes.
    • Help you identify all the key clinical measures.
    • Perform thorough reviews.

    Our remote staff coordinate with a highly experienced team of attestation experts who:

    • Monitor and report progress.
    • Provide training and real-time assistance.
    • Perform intensive quality control on the reports.
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