Utilize our suite of RCM services and take your billing operations forward! Whether you want to handpick individual services that you need or you want to get the full set of RCM, we'll make sure that you'll get the smoothest, most tailored-fit remote staffing experience. With no extra cost, we'll upgrade your billing processes without interrupting your standard workflow, helping you achieve billing efficiency and maximum return on investment.

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Our real-time insurance eligibility and benefits checking to help you breeze through patient visits, avoid claim denials, increase collections, and prepare patients for the necessary payments.

Give patients a heads-up and accelerate their check-in process.

  • Check the status of the patient's insurance ahead of time and prevent eligibility hassles.
  • Verify the patient’s insurance coverage and set expectations.
  • Acquire up-to-date insurance details while reducing the time spent on phone calls and faxes.
  • Set reminders for payments to secure the collections and reimbursements.
  • Acquire approvals and send referrals, authorizations, and refill requests on time.
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No provider should spend countless working hours reviewing charges and codes. With a dedicated remote team, you can rest assured that bills accurately reflect the care given to your patients, thereby reducing errors and ensuring proper reimbursement.

Provide direct and comprehensive patient care without the hassle of reviewing superbills.

  • Enter Code Accurately
  • Review Superbills
  • Post Charges
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DrCatalyst helps you secure your reimbursements by processing the first step of your revenue cycle with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Start your revenue cycle right!

  • Post charges that adhere to the proper coding and the appropriate fee schedule.
  • Review and make sure that bills are complete and accurate according to the rules specific to carriers and locations.
  • Maintain up-to-date billing out of charges.
  • Generate a daily report to ensure that bills are created for all billable patient appointments.

With our fast and responsive remote services, your claims process becomes completely paperless and you will never have to spend a huge amount of time on managing claims and the necessary follow-ups.

Use remote staff to manage and process claims with no added cost.

  • Generate and send bulk EMC claims to the applicable payer through the clearinghouse.
  • Organize and review every claim detail before sending the claims through your integrated clearinghouse of choice.
  • Routinely track and follow up the Clearinghouse reports (L1) and the Payer Acknowledgment reports (L2).
  • Generate a report of all the submitted claims that you can access whenever you need to.
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We record all the fees and reimbursements that your clinic receives. With impeccable attention to detail, our remote staff post the complete and exact payment information in your EHR.

Improve your revenue cycle with our remote payment posting service.

  • Generate and manage patient statements more efficiently.
  • Streamline your billing process.
  • Keep track of all received payments.
  • Avoid payment posting errors.
  • Enhance your overall financial performance.
  • Improve the patient's experience with your practice.
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We aim to automate your accounts receivable management through our excellent services and proficiency in healthcare IT. We handle rejected claims, eligibility, statements, follow-ups, and more.

We take care of your financial health as you focus on your patients.

  • Collect payments efficiently.
  • Prevent claim errors.
  • Improve the revenue cycle of your clinic.
  • Manage insurance accounts.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with your patients.
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Our remote staffing solutions keep you informed of your revenue through detailed, customizable, and timely reports.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Generate revenue reports and export them in PDF, CSV, Excel, or text format.
  • Customize reports in many ways—generated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports based on your requirements.
  • Generate detailed reports and match them with summary reports to prevent errors.
  • Intensively review billing information so that the details of the patient statement remain accurate and error-free.
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