"I know that there is a fear in remote staffing and we had it too, and what we found is we’re just building a bigger team and a team that has the same morals, has the same work ethics. It’s a huge plus for us."

Lucia Galindo
RehabOne Medical Group

"I think the immediate benefit to us working with DrCatalyst has been helping us get some of our accounts receivable identified, some of our problems with submitting clean claims rectified…and they have been phenomenal in helping identify our current problems and helping us resolve those."

Gregory Wickern, M.D.
Asthma & Allergy of Idaho & Nevada

"The team of DrCatalyst is very friendly, very open to suggestions and to accommodate whatever we need and they are willing to provide the services that we need… Whether the front office help or back office help or Electronic Medical Records, a full spectrum of help can be achieved through this DrCatalyst services."

Ethiraj Raj, M.D.
Mid-Michigan Cardiology Associates, P.L.C.

"What intrigued us about DrCatalyst, they knew IMS, so we felt that the pain point would be a little bit less if we work with someone that knew the system. It’s definitely something that they (other practices) want to look at seriously if they’re looking to grow, and grow quickly."

Eric Allen
Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions

"So far it's been really, really good for our practice... It can free us from a lot of repetitious work and work that can be done by somebody else and we can just focus on the things that needs to be done."

Steve Enad
Merced County Physicians

"I would have to say I would not trade my remote nurses from DrCatalyst for anything...They have been extremely great with all of our patients and with our medical staff."

Renee Williman
MacArthur Gastroenterology

"One thing I like about DrCatalyst is they have somebody as a backup all the time. At the same time they are very good and very experienced in IMS as well, so that takes care of the problems."

Rajeev Jain
Columbia Allergy & Asthma Clinic

"DrCatalyst is HIPAA-certified, which is a big relief for our practice, for our security, and peace of mind, knowing that they know all of the rules..."

Susan Muñoz
Merced County Physicians

"Our nurses have been very helpful and very wonderful because they reduce the phone calls that come in during the daytime... We haven't had any turnovers since DrCatalyst."

Dr. Ralph Peterson
MacArthur Gastroenterology

"I found DrCatalyst to be almost a blessing in disguise...I've been using DrCatalyst for at least the last year and a half and it's been fantastic for me and my practice."

Dr. Amitabh U. Goswami
California Pain Consultants

"They've been an incredible asset not only to my patients but to our practice and we're extremely, extremely happy and very fortunate that we have DrCatalyst as part of the CMC Fresno Team."

Dr. Tushar Patel
Childrens Medical Center Fresno

"We have been very pleased with DrCatalyst... They have been instrumental in implementing improvements in our process. Their knowledge of IMS is a major advantage for us."

Dr. Sanjeev Jain
Columbia Allergy & Asthma Clinic

“One of the best benefits working with RxCatalyst... is the cost-efficiency...we were able to hire more staff and...do more services for our patients and our doctors...When we reach out to the RxCatalyst team, we find that we were able to get prompt responses, and we were able to resolve certain situations and issues with patients or doctors or insurance plans very quickly.”

Scott Q. Bui
Dolphin Health Pharmacy and VibrantCare Pharmacy

"If you tell me to rate our DrCatalyst remote nurse from 1 to 5, I'll definitely give her a 10+! She is performing superbly fine and helped us a lot with our office works. She reduced the number of patients who are waiting for referrals and was able to process a lot of pending labs. Overall, I'm super satisfied with her service."

Renee Kenol
Gentle Medicine Associates

"We are pleased that you are part of our team, even though we are so far way. You are doing a great job, and we will probably have you do other tasks in the future."

David Plassmeyer
River City Scotia Clinic

"I am e-mailing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service James provided earlier. He was very attentive and helpful. Because of his effort, I was able to receive the information I needed. Please let him know that his effort didn’t go unnoticed."

Arlen C. Bayquen
UCSF Health

"By the way, Modesto really likes Ervin from the DrCatalyst staff. We would not want him moved to a different office..."

Rose Uranga
IPM Medical Group

"I just want to let you know that Ervin is a great guy. He went out of his way to assist me. We don't have much people nowadays who are willing to help you all the way and Ervin did that for me. I could only agree that he's one of your best people."

IPM Medical Group

"Please let Buster know how much Dr. Weil appreciates what he did for him today—listing the MRI’s separately in IMS. Since I don’t have Buster’s email address, would you please let him know that he made Dr. Weil’s day and that he is truly thankful for his help? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend."

Mary Crawford
IPM Medical Group

"I enjoy working with all of you. Inah and Lalaine are very quick on anything I ask them to do or to follow up on. I've never had a problem with them. Vince is quick as well once he's started. Overall, all are great and quick on handling appointments. Sometimes we get so many [appointments] we all can't keep up, but all of you are so sweet and helpful and I really appreciate that."

Vanessa Jimenez
IPM Walnut Creek

"Hi April. I read the (productivity) report. Great job by fixing the insurance and dx and rebilling and completing claims. Thank you."

Dr. David Kavesteen
Heart and Health - Dr. Kavesteen

"She learned so fast and she's doing very very well."

IPM Medical Group

"Please let her know that we are really pleased with her work. Deana reports that she's doing a great job so far on the referrals as well. She has cleaned up and maintained the faxes very well."

Susan Muñoz
Merced County Physician

"I just wanted to comment on a couple of ladies who have significantly helped me with outside referrals and changing PTP. Vanessa and Kizia are super fast to respond to my Skype messages and in getting everything done quickly."

Kelly B. Rumrill, ANP-BC
Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center